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router with etherswitch service module

We have a 3800 router with an etherswitch service module (NME-16ES-1G) installed in it. We bought the router with the module because we wanted a router with more than 2 ports. Now I'm realizing that the module is really treated as a separate switch device that just happens to physically be sitting inside a router. OK, so how do we send traffic between the router and the module? It seems as though both the router and module each have an extra "internal" Giga interface. Is that what ties them together, and are they both considered on the same physical LAN segement. I guess I need to assign each an IP address and router between them?

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Re: router with etherswitch service module

I believe these are like configuring say any l2/l3 switch where you would just create the SVI's and put the addresses in and then apply the vlans to the ports you want on the etherswitch module , with any of the other capabilties that a switch would have such as trunking etherchannel etc.... I don't know if there restrictions on how many layer 3 SVI's you can create. Have only worked with these once so I am just going off the top of my head with this .

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Re: router with etherswitch service module

Yes, the etherswitch module can act as a layer 3 switch. What I'm trying to figure out is how to pass traffic between the router and the module. They seem to be treated as completely separate devices, you actually have to do a reverse-telnet type thing from the router to get into the module and configure it.

Re: router with etherswitch service module


Here is a link on how to configure the module.

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