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Routers 3620 For Internal Routing Environment

I have two 3620 routers used for internal LAN segments routing. Each of my 3620 contains 8 Ethernet ports and each port connected to a different segment of network (hub).

If the two routers are connected back-to-back via its ethernet port, so the for the inter routers routing, do I need to use any routing protocols ? If yes,which one to use ? (e.g. OSPF,RIP or IGRP).

In setting up the ACL, can configure the communication in only one direction (i.e Server2 can communicate with Server1 but server1 cannot communicate with server2) ?

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Re: Routers 3620 For Internal Routing Environment

If your desire is a fully converged network, then the answer is yes, you do need some type of routing to take place..... does it have to be dynamic..... no. Your options would be to either configure static routes, or to use a dynamic routing protocol, such as the ones you mentioned. Your decision will depend on what you networking requirements are. Consideration must be given to future needs, such as scalability. Does this network plan on growing? If so, a dynamic routing protocol is the way to go. Keep in mind, however, that RIP has its limitations (16 Hops), and OSPF can be a pain to deploy for the not so savvy designer. Your best bet is IGRP, or even EIGRP.

As for the ACL question, what you want to do is feesible, it's all a matter of proper placement of the statements, i.e. denying traffic from Server1 on the Server2 segment, but allowing traffic from Server2 to Server1.

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Re: Routers 3620 For Internal Routing Environment

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