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Routers to connect office

I would like to connect two office together over a 2mb line.

Can anyone suggest what router would best suit this purpose it also must have at least on ethernet port

Thanks for any help


Re: Routers to connect office

T1 is 1.544 mbps, while E1 is 2.048 mbps. Which country/continent are you planning to implement this solution. T1 is used in the US, while E1 is used in Europe and Asia.

A 1720 would suit you just fine with two modular slots cable of taking a WIC-1DSU-T1 on each slot. The router also has one fast ethernet (10/100) port on board. This will work fine only for a T1 solution.

If you are looking for E1,you will need a 1721 which has support for VWIC-1MFT-E1 which can be used for voice and data E1 circuits.

New Member

Re: Routers to connect office

I will need an E1 line as it is in the uk, I was looking at the 2569 could I use this, what reason would you not use this series

Thanks again for any help

New Member

Re: Routers to connect office

Are you sure you have a 2569 ? I can find no reference of a 2569 model. If you have E1 interfaces on both routers you can go the E1 route. If you do not have E1 interfaces you can use synchronous X.21 interfaces and order a nx64k style service from BT or the likes.



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