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routing 10.x.x.x network

Can anyone tell me why I couldnt see another network of 10.99/16 from my 10.8 network, I had to put routes on the pc's to get tho the router for this, does it just presume that cause its on a 10 network its on the local lan even though its looking for 10.99/16 ?



Re: routing 10.x.x.x network


this should be depending on the network mask and default gateway configured in your PCs. The IP address combined with the network mask tell the PC, which destination IP is local, i.e. can be reached by issuing an ARP request.

In case the destination IP in the packet is not local the PC routing table will be consulted and the longest match is taken (to see this use route print).

Usually there are not static route entries and the IP packet is sent to the default gateway.

So what you should check: Is the netmask in the default gateway and in the PC set correctly (the same!)? Is the proper default gateway IP configured in the PC?

Hope this helps! Please rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

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Re: routing 10.x.x.x network

Hi there, Im with you, my pc does have quite a few entries in in, it says my ipaddress, so in other words this is the longest match for any 10.x.x.x addresses so it will look on the lan ? am i correct ?

I am a little confused because on one of my other sites say a 172.19.32/24 , if it needs to see the 172.19.40/24 network it uses the router, why isnt this doing the same then ?

Re: routing 10.x.x.x network


the mask tells the PC, that every IP starting with 10.x.y.z is found on the attached LAN. This is not true and so the connectivity is not given. The PC will not send the IP packet to the router, because it assumes it is local. Choose something like, but first of all make sure it is consistently the same in all attached devices. Otherwise you will encounter further problems like the one we are tackling here.

Rgegards, Martin

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