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routing 2 seperate networks

My company has a cisco 2621 router with one s0 and 2 Fast Ethernet ports.

here is the scenario, one side of the network is with subnet mask at running an NT 4.0 server /with dhcp running and use 2 24 port hubs. On the other side, I have a network of With a windows 2000 member server running DHCP for the So both networks have DHCP running. 1st I want to know how to configure the router to route both networks with out having Dhcp forwarding to each others network. 2nd, once the router is configured and Eth port 2 ( )is working, do I run eth port 2 cable from the router to The hubs on or do I have to have another router put into the network and will it route to a gateway of which is my internet gatway so both but different networks can use the internet on gateway


Re: routing 2 seperate networks

DHCP requests will not be forwarded between networks, unless a ip-helper command is on the interface the DHCP requests are occuring.

I'm not clear on exactly what you're explaining routing wise, but will try to answer the question. It sounds like one ethernet has a 10.0.0.x/24 network and the other ethernet interface has a 10.1.0.x/24 network. Am I correct? If so, then both networks are directly connected on the router so a routing protocol is not really needed unless the internet gateway is using a routing protocol. On the internet gateway, you would have a static route for with mask of pointing back to the 10.1.0.x address on the 2621. This may not be the case if I didn't understand your question correctly.


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Re: routing 2 seperate networks

Erick Thanks for responding,

Basically all i want to do is network the two network with the 2621 router and share the internet connection (the gateway address is Both servers on each network is running DHCP I do not want the broadcast from the DHCP servers to give addresses out on the opposite network. I have the ehternet cable from the ethernet port 1coming from the 2621 and it feeds the network This works fine. This is the problem I am having. on the 2nd ethernet port. I want to add network to the routers 2nd ehternet port and use the internet gateway ( both networks. I do not understand the static route clearly. Please give example.

I can send my config if it would help.

Thanks for helping Phillip

Re: routing 2 seperate networks

DHCP will not be forwarded unless you specifically enable it. Since you don't want this (based on your first post) you don't need to worry about it.

As for your problem, the can't have the same gateway as, they are on different subnets. Your second ethernet port clients need a gateway of 10.0.0.x. Make their gateway the second ethernet's IP.

Your first ethernet port clients can keep (first ethernets IP I assume) .

Hope that helps.


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