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Routing based on NetBIOS Name !!!

Hi anyone please help to clarify as the following scenerio;

I have one remote site, say local subnet is and connected to the HQ network of subnet by an ISDN DDR connection. There is an Application Server with IP address of in the HQ. The hostname of that server is called "Cyberbron"..

So in the local router, I have a static route "ip route dialer1". Is there a way to "hardcode" the NetBIOS of Cyberbron to the ip address so that the local router will "know" to trigger the DDR connection whenever there is a packet meant for "Cyberbron" ?

Please help out.

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Re: Routing based on NetBIOS Name !!!

I don't think there is a way to do this on the router, but you can accomplish the same thing by putting a DNS server (or WINS server in Microsoft environment) on the local subnet. This way, when the PC does a lookup for the name Cyberbron, it will be supplied with the IP address and it will have the same desired effect.

Re: Routing based on NetBIOS Name !!!


If it is pure netbios you have and not the normal WIN netbios/IP then the only way forward would be to bridge... Aggghhh!!!

Otherwise you can get your router to fwd netbios (in IP) with the following commands:

ip forward-protocol udp 137

ip forward-protocol udp 138

Use these global commands for WINS etc.

async-bootp dns-server x.x.x.x

async-bootp nbns-server y.y.y.y (WINS server)

Also you could use the LMHOSTS file on your local PC to map a NETBIOS name to IP.. :))

If this fails due to you not using NETBIOS over IP then get back to us and we will sort it out, i would defs suggest not to use bridging to get NETBIOS across but it can be done.. :((


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