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Routing BGP

Our organization already has an ASN and is publishing our IP network in the Internet. We have an internet access in our site 1 with three ISPs.

Now we have to add a new site (site 2) that has two ISPs.

We are are thinking about using the same ASN in site 1 and site 2 but each site will publish its own IP network. The problem is that there is no IP connectivity between site 1 and site 2 (they can see each other only by Internet).

I think that ther is no problem to use the same ASN in both sites, the only objection seems to be that each site will drop the route to the other site (because this route ends in the same ASN) but I want to solve this issue adding a static route in both sites.

Do you believe tha it will be work properly?


Re: Routing BGP

Yes it will work, as long as they don't advertise each others route(s). From the internets perspective it doesn't know or care if your sites are linked, it's as if they are linked and you are preferring one route out one link and another route out another link.

Obviously, for redundancy it would be good if they were linked so that one could advertise the others route(s) if that sites router went down. But other than that you should be good.

Hope that helps.


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