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Routing Entries

I have some clients that use an app that has historically had a "route add" statement in their client config., directly on the PC that is. This is in addition to the default gateway that is acquired via their DHCP server. I should be able to add the route that is in the route add statement to the router as a static route, and have the same effect, correct? I want to make sure that I don't screw up the default gateway for the rest of the clients internet access as well as the above mentioned clients. Some of the clients now are using the desired static as their default gw.



Re: Routing Entries

The statically added route will be used only for those packets destined to that particular network. All other (unknowns) will be using the gateway acquired from the DHCP server. You should be able to add the route statement on the router, in the form of a static route. for Cisco routers its of the form,

ip route .

This should not affect operation of other clients.

Are the other clients also using the same router for reaching the internet ? Then the router will need to configure a default static route (ip route ) so that all packets destined to the internet can be routed.

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Re: Routing Entries

Yes all clients are using the same def gw to get to the internet. I have a statement of "ip defalut-gateway ip-address". The clients are configured to use the def gw of thier VLAN. This is a CAT4006 w/SUP-III so its IOS.

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