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Routing issue...just can't get it right


I've got two LAN's, each with a Netware 5 server running IPX & IP protocols. There is a WAN connection between them, but historically was only configured for IPX routing. IPX traffic between the servers is working fine. I'm trying to enable IP routing between them, as it is needed for a document management application running between the sites.

The thing that complicates this a little is that each site has it's own, separate Internet connection, so each server has a default route configured to that gateway router.

In effect, I'm creating a "behind the firewalls" IP connection between these two trusted sites. I know the link is good, since IPX traffic is flowing between them just fine.

The problem is that I can't seem to configure the routing correctly. Here's what I'm doing:

In both servers, I use set the local default route and the route to the other site via the IP router's IP address.

In both IP routers, I enter a static route representing the network & route the the other site.

Oddly, from one of the servers I can ping all the way through to the WAN interface of the router on the far side of the WAN, but not to the LAN interface on that router! In the other direction, I can even get that far.

Conceptually, can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or give me some advice about the requirements for this scenario? Does having a default route set in each server cause all traffic to go out that route, even if I add another route to a specific network via a different router? Basically, both servers need to "see" their internet connection, and this other private IP route.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions!


Re: Routing issue...just can't get it right

The more specific route you've put into your servers will take preferrence, based on longest match, instead of your default.

If you can ping from Server in Site A to Wan interface on Site B are you certain you've put your routes in correctly for the SiteB's Subnetwork. Not knowing the routes you've put in I would suggest just doing host specific routes, if you are already not doing this.

For Example:

Server A ip route

Router A ip route

Server B ip route

Router B ip route

Hope this helps you get it working,



Re: Routing issue...just can't get it right

The servers should only need a default route. The routers should handle the rest. The router they default to needs to know the other sites networks and have its own default to the internet. If there are only two routers and they are both on the same segment as the servers then the server can default to either one. Make the routers do the work.

Also, you mentioned Novell 5. You need to turn on multicast over the wan link if you want to discover hosts over the wan link.

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