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Routing issues and external firewalls

Hey all,

I have been administering a new network for the past half-year, and been trying to figure out a problem. Here's the background:

I have a three building WAN, linked by frames, with a firewall @ the POP. The firewall is an all-in-one Linux unit with a web front end, TeamInternet is what it's called.

I have all the routers configured so that the WAN is in 'good' working order (I can see everything inside the three school WAN) however I can only get ICMP or other telnet/ftp based services through to the outside world from the POP building. Everything from the two other buildings just gets reported as unreachable if it is outside the firewall. I have called the firewall company, and they say it's not them. I have gone over the routers, and they seem fine.

Any ideas? Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Re: Routing issues and external firewalls

Sounds like:

firewall does not have routes to the remote (non-POP) networks


firewall has rule only allowing outbound from the POP network


firewall is only nat'ing source addresses from the POP network

Good luck

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Re: Routing issues and external firewalls

I agreed with Osgruttadauria suggestions. I already encountered this same problems where Linux is acting as firewall, proxy, router, & etc.. When I isolated the problems and redirected the internet access to a PIX firewall (which I knew better than Linux) everything starts to works beautiful.

I think you need to harrash your Linux engineer or maybe it time to replace them.

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