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Routing loop in Link State Routing protocol

"Link state method is not susceptible to routing loop" Why? How? Since OSPF is a link state routing protocol which has no routing loop problem (as stated in the statement before), why it still have a loop avoidance mechanism in OSPF? What is the loop avoidance method used in OSPF? Is it the same method used for all Link State Protocol method?


Re: Routing loop in Link State Routing protocol


as we know ospf maintain three tables as follow:

topology table

neigbour table

routing table...

on the topology table it will run the Sortest Path Algo... and find out the shortest path towards the destination so for each and every router which took part in ospf routing process it will calculate the sortest path algo...and find out the best path towards the each and every destination router with out look... as ospf have topological database all router in the ospf domain have clear picture how they are connected with the each other in the same area so during the Sortest path calculation there will be no chance to have loop between any destination... after runing the sortest path algo... now ospf put the best path towards the each destination in to the routing table...

it means in topological table router have each and every path towards the destination router...

but in routing table it has only the best path (only single) towards the destination router...

hope this will help you

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