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Routing mutiple T1's between sites

For redundancy we have two separate T1 connections between

all our sites. I was wondering how to best utilize this bandwidth by

aggregating the bandwidth. We have different T1 providers(ATT& MCI).

Sites are Point to Point.

I did not want to use COS or priority queuing.

Is there a way to set up traffic to use the least loaded path ?

And how would the routing be set up ?

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: Routing mutiple T1's between sites

You can use both the T1 in a bundle using "ppp multilink" (assuming you have ppp encapsulation). With the the packets will be load balanced between two links. Visit

New Member

Re: Routing mutiple T1's between sites

Thank You.

The current encapsulations is frame-relay.

The environment is hub and spoke from 4 remote sites to

the corporate office. Will this still work ?

Will multilink take into account the loads on each T1 ?

The reason I am asking is our 4 remote sites have a primary T1

via MCI that comes into our Corporate site via inverse Mux using 4T1's.

The 4 new AT&T T1's at the remote sites will share a single T1 at

the corporate site. This config was for backup and redundancy. I had

Initially wanted to use HSRP, but thought to have them online would be a

better option. The remote routers are 3620's with a single e0, and two

serial connections to seperate DSU's to the seperate service providers T1's.

Would Multilink

New Member

Re: Routing mutiple T1's between sites

You couldn't use PPP encapsulation on a Frame Relay circuit. Your other option is CEF or even routing protocol load balancing.

Cisco Employee

Re: Routing mutiple T1's between sites

As long as those T1's are point-to-point, it will work. You can use ppp over frame relay for that.

Here is the link

Another one

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