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routing out the same interface it was recieved

I have a switch between two routers. On the outside of both routers is connections to two different networks. Also the default routes on the routers point to the outside of router A. Host connected to the switch need to talk to both networks. The problem is if I set the default gateway on the host to point to router A, then the host can talk to everything on the router A network. But not Router B network. Setting the host default gateway to router B, then the host can talk to all on router B network. But not on router A network.

I assume the is because the router will not send the packets out the same interface it was received on. Is there a way to route out to the same interface in came in on.



Re: routing out the same interface it was recieved

Could be, but first check your routing. Can rtra ping the net on rtrb and vice versa? Can they both ping the host?

If thats good do a sho ip int and see if fast cache on same interface is disabled. Turn on with ip route-cache same interface on the interface. Might also want to enable redirects so the host can learn to bypass the gateway when going to the other rtr's lan.

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