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New Member

Routing over Catalyst 4000

I have only just got into our Catalyst 4000 after being here a few months. There is of course no documentation or anything. I logged in and printed a sh config and sh interface. Then proceeded to nose around and have a look.

I noticed that one of the three interfaces shown was up and the other two down.

I tried to bring both of the interfaces up and only one came up. The other interface came up with the error: Unable to bring sc0 up due to IP config conflict with me1.

Now we cannot route traffic to or from the other end of the VLAN.

I have gone through the router and firewall and there is nothing wrong with them. Also, they were not touched and the switch was.

I know that a write mem has NOT been run since then, is it safe to reload the switch and go back to the last config?

Does anyone have any ideas as any other option I have left. I do not want to reload in case the pevious admin left a crucial change in RAM.

We have about 30 users unable to work until this is sorted.


switch> (enable) show vlan

VLAN Name Status IfIndex Mod/Ports, Vlans

---- -------------------------------- --------- ------- ------------------------

1 default active 91 2/1-48


1002 fddi-default active 92

1003 token-ring-default active 95

1004 fddinet-default active 93

1005 trnet-default active 94

VLAN Type SAID MTU Parent RingNo BrdgNo Stp BrdgMode Trans1 Trans2

---- ----- ---------- ----- ------ ------ ------ ---- -------- ------ ------

1 enet 100001 1500 - - - - - 0 0

1002 fddi 101002 1500 - - - - - 0 0

1003 trcrf 101003 1500 - - - - - 0 0

1004 fdnet 101004 1500 - - - - - 0 0

1005 trbrf 101005 1500 - - - ibm - 0 0

switch> (enable) set inter sc0

Usage: set interface <sc0|sl0|me1> <up|down>

set interface sc0 [vlan] [ip_addr [netmask [broadcast]]]

set interface sc0 [vlan] [ip_addr/netmask [broadcast]]

set interface me1 ip_addr [netmask [broadcast]]

set interface me1 ip_addr/netmask [broadcast]

set interface sl0 <slip_addr> <dest_addr>

set interface trap <sc0|sl0|me1> <enable|disable>

set interface sc0 dhcp <renew|release>

(netmask : In dotted format, eg.

(or) in length, ie. number of bits in netmask

eg. Range for length is 0-31 bits.)

Note: System will accept CIDR type netmask values.

switch> (enable) set inter sc0 up

Unable to bring sc0 up due to IP network configuration conflict with me1.

If you need any other configs to work the solution just email

New Member

Re: Routing over Catalyst 4000

What modules are installed ? if you dont have a 4332,then your not routing.

Heres some stuff on the me1 interface:

It appears that ports 2-1 thru 48 and 3-1 thru 34 are defaulted to vlan1,

Which interfaces would not come up.

I'd start by getting a diagram of how things are

hooked up, and how things are addressed.

New Member

Re: Routing over Catalyst 4000

Mod Slot Ports Module-Type Model Status

--- ---- ----- ------------------------- ------------------- --------

1 1 0 Switching Supervisor WS-X4012 ok

2 2 48 10/100BaseTx Ethernet WS-X4148-RJ ok

3 3 34 10/100/1000 Ethernet WS-X4232-GB-RJ ok

I'll go read the me1 notes thanks.

Re: Routing over Catalyst 4000

As far as I can see, none of this does any routing. But you say the VLANs are not working.

Here is a long-shot: has anyone added a switch to the LAN recently, perhaps one that has been played with in a test environment previously? I wonder whether the VTP has gone awry.

Best regards,

Kevin Dorrell,


New Member

Re: Routing over Catalyst 4000

Heres some more:

We need to see the config on the L3 blade.

Re: Routing over Catalyst 4000

The first to mention is that the CatOS does not work in the same way as IOS. When you make a change, it goes into both the running configuration and the NVRAM :-( so you cannot backtrack by reloading.

Secondly, the interfaces sc0 me0 and sl0 are essentially management interfaces. sc0 represents inband management (i.e. via the working ports), while me0 represents out-of-band management via the special Ethernet port on the Supervisor card. I think sl0 is SLIP, but I have never used it. The switch does not allow the same IP address on more than one interface.

I'm not sure what you mean by "we cannot route traffic to or from the other end of the VLAN". You seem to have only one VLAN on this switch: the default VLAN 1. (You can ignore the 100x VLANs unless you are running something esoteric like FDDI or TR.)

The best thing you could try, is to remove the IP address from me0 (unless you are going to use the management ethernet on the supervisor), then you will be able to bring up sc0 again. Or you could just do:

set interface me0 down

set interface sc0 up

So much for the management, but I still do not understand why your users cannot work; I would need to see your config.

Best regards,

Kevin Dorrell,


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