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Routing Protocols

If I have a set of routers that are running OSPF do I also have to make all my other routers use OSPF?

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Re: Routing Protocols

It depends what you want to do. If you need all of your routers to share routing information the answer would be yes. You could also use redistribution if the other group of routers is running some other routing protocol. But redistribution is not always the cleanest way of managing your network. Could you give us more information on what you want to achieve. Thanks

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Re: Routing Protocols

I am replacing a non-Cisco core switch with a layer 3 Cisco switch. I have two other routers that connect to a warehouse off site (T1 line, one router at either end) both are running ospf. I do not have vlans set up across the present 2 routers (but I may in the future). The switch that Im using now is an Xylan OmniSwitch(old!) that appears to be using rip. Our current lan is flat with the exception of a few vlans.

Re: Routing Protocols

It would be a good idea to run ospf on the l3 switch, so that you have more control on how you load balance traffic from the lan. More over L3 switches will use MLS using CEF which provides excellent throughput. The remote sites could be assigned to a stub or totally stubby area so that only default routes are injected to their routing tables.

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