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Routing Question

I have a 3660 with two ethernet ports. I would like all of the traffic coming in from our WAN to be routed to one of the ethernet ports(E0), even though some of the traffic may have a destination address that is the same as the other, directly connected, ethernet port(E1). Is this a possibility?

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Re: Routing Question

You have said there r only two ethernet ports in yr router and also have said abt u having a WAN connectivity.If you mean that two routers r directly connected via ethernet ports(E1 in yr side),then I think a static route(Default route if its a stub network) from yr providers router thru yr routers E0 port will do the required.Anyway pls try to explain the scenario better for us to get a better view.


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Re: Routing Question


Try to use different distance metric .

ip route E0 130

ip route E1 100

Router will select port E0 because of high metric . ( not sure because it is directly connected )

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Re: Routing Question

Hi Tran,

I think you'll find that using static routes as you suggest here, you'll have a preferred route through e1 as the Admin Distance is lower than that of e0.



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Re: Routing Question

It is impossible for traffic with destination to E1 directly connected subnet,for directly connected interface with adminstrativ distance 0.You can route traffic with destination address is not directly connected with E1 by policy routing or static route.

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Re: Routing Question

Policy routing should do the trick as well for traffic destined for Ethernet1 on the router.

Just configure the policy for all traffic from the WAN interface to be routed to the Ethernet0.

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Re: Routing Question

Yes something of the following form:

ip access-list standard anything

permit any

route-map [name] permit 10

match ip anything

set interface Ethernet0 or

set ip next-hop [address of router/fw/etc on ethernet0 network]

interface [serial something]

ip policy route-map [name]


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Re: Routing Question

Why would you want all traffic to go to one ethernet port, when clearly some of it might have a destination to the other ethernet port????? After all, if you send traffic with a destination out to the wrong interface, then what do you hope to achieve?? It is very confusing.

Unless for security reasons , you want the traffic to that ethernet interface to just disappear, then you will be better of just restricting it using an ACL, or perhaps a null 0.

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