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Routing Question

Hello All:

Very new to routing and have a question. We have a t1 coming in from the ISP in the form of an ethernet drop. Gateway ip with a WAN ip of

IP block

I need to route this through an existing 3660. I have FA0/1 configured with and route statement

This is obviously not right. Can someone lend a hand on how this should be configured. Thanks

New Member

Re: Routing Question

Are you sure you dont have the .129 & .130 Ip's swapped around ? I have found that in most cases the ISP usually configures their side with the lowest address in the range and your interface uses the next address up.

Can you ping the directly connected interface (.130 according to your info) ?

If not configure your FA0/1 to and try and ping .129 (change you route statement to .130 as well)

New Member

Re: Routing Question

OK, set it up as above and can ping both addresses which is progress. But, I still cannot route out from internal lan with nat set up.

Have the interface set for nat outside and my workstation included in nat statement.

ip nat inside source static

I think what is missing is this. The internal ip to my router is I need to use .91 as the gateway and route out through FA0/1. Thsi is where I'm hung up.


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