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routing question

I'm trying to find a solution and is still very much in the dark.

We have a pc with IP connected to a router with IP On this router is another interface Behind this interface is the bloomberg network we connect to.

But our internet connection is not via this router. So we change the default gateway on the PC to, to access the internet, but the it can't access bloomberg. So I add the route on the firewall (Openbsd) to look behind, but it does not work. I think the problem is that the bloomberg software then looks behind for their network, but can't find it.

Is there a way to say that the next hop is and not, but still have the routing?


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Re: routing question

you con modify the next-hop information , based on policy give


int eh0

ip policy route-map POLICY


route-map POLICY

match ip address 1

set ip next-hop

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Re: routing question

I would add a route statement to the 100.6 router pointing to the firewall (ip route 192.l68.100.13) and then make sure the 100.6 router can send ICMP redirects.

Or, do a similar thing with your firewall (add a route to Bloomberg), assuming it can do redirects. However, in your firewall, I would add the bloomberg route so the gateway would be, not the 106.6.

Lastly, you could add the Bloomberg route in your PC.

I prefer the second option, since it involves fewer redirects.

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Re: routing question

I think you need to make sure two things at least if you set up as gateway for all PCs:

1. In the router to Internet, there is "ip route bloombery IP addesss, mask, 192.l68.100.6"

2. In the interface of router to Bloombery, there is "ip route bloomberg IP address, mask,".


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