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Routing STUN

We have two sites. One with a Mainframe IBM and another with one remote 3274 controler. This controler is connected to a mainframe through a STUN connection and one link HDLC between 2 routers cisco. I have

Recently we started a new site and we started to have two ways to communicate between each site.

Can we programm our routers to route SNA traffic through a new site, in case of the first link brokes ?

My two first routes have a STUN facility, but the new one hasn´t. It´s a problem ?

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Re: Routing STUN

Yes, you can route the STUN traffic via a backup link. In fact even load balancing is possible altough not advisable.

STUN is tcp based and the configuration is required only on the end routers. The STUN traffic can go through any Path in between. No configuration is required on the path unless you need some QoS stuff.

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