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Routing through PIX firewall

We have created a DMZ on PIX firewall which is used to connect to some of our clients. We need to route the routing information between our inside network and DMZ network. We are running EIGRP on our inside network and RIP on DMZ (coz PIX support only RIP) and redistributed RIP into EIGRP.

I cannot see any routing information of RIP on Eigrp ,. Is there any special configuration that needs to be done so that we can see the DMZ network in EIGRP routing table ?

Cisco Employee

Re: Routing through PIX firewall

enable rip on both the dmz and inside interface.

on the first router doing both rip and eigrp, do a 'redisitribute rip metric x'

I would also suggest to use Rip version 2.

Even better would be to use BGP between 2 devices on each interface of the pix and don't make rip part of the routing.


Re: Routing through PIX firewall

You can also route BGP through the PIX using a conduit. IT's messy, but it might be better than RIP, depending on what you are doing. We've discussed EIGRP on the PIX before, and not found any place where we would really want it. If you have such a place, please let your account manager know, so they can put it in the pipeline of requested features.



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