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Routing with 3512G's

I have 3 sites A, B, and C. Each has a 3512G switch at the core and 3 2950s that tie back to the 3512 via fiber. Sites A and B need to connect to C via fiber. Each site is going to be on a different subnet so I need to enable routing between them. On the 3512's at both A and B, I know I can use one gigabitethernet port as a layer 3 port, give it an IP address and give each 3512 a route to the IP of the gigethernet port at site C that they are connected to. On the 3512 at the central site (site C) what route statements do I need? I know I need one to route to the subnet in site A, one to route to the subnet in site B, but what do I need to allow traffic destined for site C to go out to the 2950's that are connected to 3 of the 10 GBIC ports. These 3 ports are layer 2 ports, part of VLAN1 (the only VLAN). Is is possible to have a route statement send traffic to subnet out interface VLAN1? I'm not sure if this will work because VLAN1 is not a Layer3 interface.

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Brandon Hatok

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Re: Routing with 3512G's

Any update on thsi ?

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Re: Routing with 3512G's

Not sure which platform you are referring to but the 3512XL and the 3508G-XL (gig only) do not support L3 ports. It is a L2 access switch. You will need to connect a router to each switch to accomplish what you are trying to do.



Re: Routing with 3512G's

3512 is a L2 switch and does not support IP Routing, to accomplish this task you need at least a router to L3 switch like 3550, 4k, 5k, 6k.

I would suggest you to go for 3550 that has both the functionallty of L2 and L3.

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