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I don't know if anybody can help with a routing issue I have. I have a Compaq Proliant Server. I'm running Netware 5.1. I have two Network cards install on this Server. I have 4 Cisco 3500 Switches throughtout three buildings. They are connected via fiber. Two of the four switches connect to the server 2 network cards install. The two network cards in the Server are not fiber cards but standard network cards. The problem I am having is I can't see anybody computers that is routed through the other Server network card. I can solve this issue if I install the IP protocol on the server, but I can't because of other software I'm running having issue with the IP protocol. The server is used like a router between the 2 server network card. Everybody has the correct Submask and IP address. I'm wondering what is the command to bridge the two server network card so I can see the computers on the other network card. Any help or any other support group for novell would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Routing

Unless something has changed on Netware, you can't bridge between the two interfaces.

If I understand the problem correctly, you are trying to load share on your Netware server with two NICs. You're only running IPX on your Netware server, but it is the only connection for both IP networks to see each other.

Install a router between the two LAN segments so that your IP will route properly, otherwise, install IP on your Netware server and resolve the bugs that this poses to your application.


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Re: Routing

Thanks Mick

Yes I'm only running ipx/spx protocol on this server. When you mention install a router between the two LAN segments do you mean a physical router or some kine of routing software. I thinking about updating the software that causing IP issue on My server.


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