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RPS 300 Reboot issue


Does anyone encountered issue of RPS 300 reboot will cause the Cisco Catalyst switch to reboot ?

Appreciated your kind advice

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Re: RPS 300 Reboot issue

Firstly, I take it that you have mains power connected to the ethernetswitch(es) as well as the RPS.

Secondly, how many devices have you connected to the RPS 300 ?

Unlike the RPS 600, the RPS 300 is a standby power source that will apply power to the DC bus when it senses that the power supply is no longer sensing DC. It is very instant, and I personally see two posibilities as to why apparently the device has had no power loss, which is either the RPS is relying on the DC smoothing capacitors to have enough residual power to keep the device going for x mSecs, or that there is a small amount of DC current from the RPS supplying power to each device.

Here is a major trap...

The RPS will only supply power to the first device that it senses power failure, any subsequent device that loses power (unless the first device has regained it's own power), tough luck, it falls over.

That's why I go for one protected device per RPS 300.

The other thing to watch out for the the online/offline button, (the button in the same position as the status button on the ethernet switches.

I hope this helps.

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