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RPS 675

I have bought 2 cisco 3560 switches & one cisco RPS 675. I have connect the switches to RPS 675 & while testing i found that when i remove the power supply cable of one of the switch RPS kicks in & supplies power to that switch but when i re plug the power cable to the switch RPS continues to suplly power to the switch. If i manually change the status of RPS o standy by the switch reboots & take the power supply from main connection.

Is there any way RPS goes in to standby mode after the switch starts receving power supply from main line.


Re: RPS 675

This is an RPS hardware limitation documented in the Release-notes and this bug: CSCdx81023.


A Catalyst switch might reload when changing from RPS power to internal power.


This can occur on any Catalyst switch connected to one of the following Redundant Power Supplies:




The internal power supply on the Catalyst switch was connected to one power source, and the RPS was connected to the same or different power source as

the switch. The power source connected to the internal power supply failed, causing the RPS to supply power to the switch.

(The power to the RPS did not fail either because that circuit did not fail, the RPS was connected to an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), etc.) After some period of time, the power connected to the internal power supply comes back online, and the mode

button on the RPS is pressed to put the RPS in standby mode. When the switch changes

from RPS power back to the internal power supply, there is a possibility that the switch might reload.


To prevent unscheduled downtime, the switch should be powered off during a maintenance window.

Additional Information:

1. The RPS is a Redundant Power Supply, not an Uninterruptible Power Supply. As documented,

the RPS should be connected to the same power circuit as the switch itself.

2. The RPS is designed to protect from a failure of the internal power supply in a switch, not the failure of a power circuit.

3. This problem might occur on some some switches, might not occur on other switches, and might occur intermittently on the same switch.

4. The switch does NOT reload when switching from the internal power supply to the RPS.


Re: RPS 675

Thank you for the valuable information above. Additionally, i think the Cisco RPS 675 can serve one device at a time! please correct me if this wrong.

Thank you

Abd Alqader

Re: RPS 675

That is correct.

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Re: RPS 675

Thanks for the information, but now my concern is if there is a power failure RPS starts suppling power to switch but when the main power is back how do i switch over the power supply , cause the switch is in production environment.

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Re: RPS 675

right, switch the switch off and on.

Ohh, you don't want to ? I understand still this is the only way. The purpose is dat de RPS takes over incase the main power supply breaks down.. To repair the mainpower supply you have to switch the switch off anyway.

Stupid, stupid, stupid you are so right. Well cisco of course want you to buy a 4500 for truely redundant power.

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