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RSP2 Maximum Memory

I understand that Cisco Router 7500 Series with RSP2 have a maximum of 128MB DRAM SIMM (4 Banks x 32MB DRAM SIMM). That was because at that time the RSP2 release in the market, the maximum DRAM SIMM is 32MB. Now, there exist a 64MB DRAM SIMM. Can I plug 4 x 64MB DRAM SIMM in my RSP2 - will it work? Cisco have not put this in any of their docs.

Thanks in advance.


Re: RSP2 Maximum Memory

Table 13 in outlines posible DRAM configurations with RSP2. TO this document teh max. amount of memory you can use with RSP2 is 128 MB.

Re: RSP2 Maximum Memory

Yeah, right. We know that also. That is the same publication Cisco have when DRAM SIMM maximum is 32MB (have not updated it since then). But we need to know if a 64MB DRAM SIMM which is available now in the market can be plugged in to RSP2. We need this info b-4 we purchase anything, definitely we are not purchasing a RSP4 because it's cheaper to purchase a 3660 or 3700 than an RSP4.

Anyone have tried this before? What IOS that support this?.

VIP Purple

Re: RSP2 Maximum Memory


the 64MB DRAM from e.g. Kingston will work in the RSP2, but only to a maximum of 128MB. You cannot get 256MB DRAM on an RSP2.

Anybody correct me if I am wrong...



Re: RSP2 Maximum Memory

Cisco's docs is confusing.

See this link

what thus the "DRAM" section tells? up to 256MB DRAM SIMM for RSP2 right? It only tells about 256MB for RSP2 in this document, all documents says 128MB.

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