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RSPAN - Need help!!!

Hi All

I am creating a rspan on our cat4000 to our cat6000. I have created an rspan VLAN 120 and set up

set rspan source 4/18 100 reflector 4/42 both. The port 4/18 is actually what I want to sniff so I have used the reflector port 4/42 which has no device attached to it.

I am using Traffic Director to do this and on the Traffic Director when I try to rove VLAN 100 on the cat4000 switch, it says it cannot. I also tried each of the ports 4/18 and 4/42, it also says no it cannot.

I then decided to go the configuration manager of traffic director to enter port 4/42 as the analyser port and then try to rove it it still will not work.

Please how can I sniff port 4/18 on the cat4000 urgently. We have a Cisco probe attached to the cat6000.

Thanks for your help.

New Member

Re: RSPAN - Need help!!!

RSPAN is supported on the 4000, but only with a Sup IV. If this is not an issue, let me know and we can go from there...


New Member

Re: RSPAN - Need help!!!

I have a 1000BaseX Supervisor WS-X4013. Thanks

New Member

Re: RSPAN - Need help!!!

As do I, no joy for either one of us...

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