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Rumba Terminal emulation over ISDN

I have a customer using Rumba TN3270 terminal emulation on remote clients communicating with an AS400 via IP over a dialup ISDN connection. This works very well, however, if a session is established the user logs in and leaves the session idle, when the ISDN call drops a few minutes later the session will be terminated. Should the user return to start where he/she left off they would have to reestablish again.

There are keepalives for session maintenance which I could allow to keep the line up, but the customer is keen to keep the call costs down. Is there anyway I can configure the routers to spoof these IP keepalives, as can be done with SPX watchdogs.

The routers involved are, Central 3640 and remote 800's, all with a flavour of IOS 12.


Re: Rumba Terminal emulation over ISDN

Unfortunately, the answer to your question is no. If this was running legacy SNA over DLSW across the ISDN, you could turn off DLSW keepalives and the local acknowledgement function would keep the session up but there is no acknowledgement function for TN3270 keepalives.

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