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Run without Boot Loader Image?

I meet a problem that my flash is only 16M and if I upload Boot Loader Image, I can only choose the basic feature system image because of the lack of Flash. The enhanced features are not critical now but we may need it in the feature but down time for maintenance is not allowed in the future.

As far as I know, Boot Loader Image is quite useful only when the system image is broken. I wonder that which option is better.

1. Boot Loader Image + Basic System Image

2. Enhanced System Image only

What are the other shortcomings if run without Boot Loader Image?

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Re: Run without Boot Loader Image?


You have not told us what platform this is involved and that might make some difference. But in general I would suggest that you should not sacrifice the boot loader image. If something happens to the router and it has no boot loader you could be in very serious trouble.

If you only have enough capacity in flash for the basic system image + boot loader then I would suggest that you maintain the basic system image + boot loader. If you want to have the capabilities of the enhanced image then I would suggest that you configure the router with a boot system command that points the router to a tftp server where it can do a netboot and load the enhanced image from the tftp server - but if it can not access the tftp server for some reason, then at least it can run the basic image.



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