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Runts on C3548XL with HP Netserver LH3000r

I have a HP Netserver with Intel networking hardware. This server is connected to a C3548XL. When I enable dot1q vlan-tagging on both sides, I get a lot of runts on the switchport. With no tagging things go back to normal. I can increase the runt-count by sending small frames (ping -l 4 hostname). I think tagged frames below 68 bytes are counted as runts by the switch. I would like to report this issue to Cisco but I have no support contract. What can I do about this?

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Re: Runts on C3548XL with HP Netserver LH3000r

You could call HP or Intel and ask them the same question, maybe they can answer it as good a Cisco could.

Another thing may be to see if that NIC supports ISL (some do, even though it's a Cisco thing), and try that to see how it acts with ISL versus 802.1Q.

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