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SAA counters not documented


I can't find any documentation with the meaning and the values of these counters MaxPosJitter and MaxNegJitter, given by SAA test pathJitter.

Could someone point me to a good document.

Thanks in advance


Re: SAA counters not documented

MaxPosJitter is the amount of time exceeding the jitter value and MaxNegJitter is the amount of time by which it is less for the jitter value. More explaination of the same in the "Jitter Computation" section of the following document: Cisco Service Assurance Agent User Guide

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Re: SAA counters not documented

many thanks,

I also have this answer from Cisco.

Hope this could help.

Jitter computation is done, using default values, as follows:

Example: The source sends multiple packets are sent consecutively to the destination at ten millisecond intervals, and if the network is operating optimally, the destination should receive them at ten-millisecond intervals.

However, delays (i.e.: queueing, or arriving through alternate routes) in the network can cause inter-packet arrival delay of greater or less than ten milliseconds.

Positive jitter implies that the packets arrived at intervals of more than ten miliseconds. If they arrive twelve milliseconds apart, then positive jitter is equivalent to two milliseconds. Negative jitter is computed similarly.

MaxPosJitter means the maximum value of the positive jitter that has been calculated. In the same way the MaxNegJitter is the maximum value of the negative jitter. Greater value for positive jitter is undesirable for voice networks, and a jitter value of zero is ideal for delay-sensitive networks. The documentation can be found under CCO:

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