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SAA (RTR) FTP get operation does not respect source-ipaddr directive


It seems that the rtr ftp agent introduced in 12.1 right up to 12.2 does not respect the source-ipaddr directive. Here is my configuration. It seems everything is correct, but using a sniffer I see that it does not change the source-ip for packets destined to the ftp server.

rtr 11

type ftp operation get url ftp://xxxxxx:xxxxxxxxx@ source-ipaddr mode active

tag Service-FTP

threshold 30000

timeout 10000

buckets-of-history-kept 1

rtr schedule 11 life forever start-time now

To make sure, I also configured an rtr ICMP agent with the same source-ip. That one works as advertised.

rtr 12

type echo protocol ipIcmpEcho source-ipaddr

rtr schedule 12 life forever start-time now

Before opening a bug report, I wanted to know if anyone else had experienced something of the nature. (The IP address have been changed and password replaced with xxx)

Thank you.

Francois Mikus


Re: SAA (RTR) FTP get operation does not respect source-ipaddr d

There is a known bug already on the same lines. Check the bug details on the bug Tool kit for the bug ID CSCdz13978. This bug has been fixed in the following releases 12.2(13.6), 12.2(13.4)T01, 12.2(16.1)B and others ( these can be refered to in the bug tool kit itself).

This should help you.

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