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scenario, Dual Nat for Dual ISP's, No BGP Peering

I have a customer who has a 1720 with wic1 connected Frame to Sprint Using Public address set 1, If that fails there is a 2nd wic with an ISDN bri connected to ISP 2, I can get the ISDN to failover the Frame connection using weighted statics to each ISP gateway BUT I don't know how to get the secondary NAT pool to kickin with the failover. I don't think seperate route maps with separate pools will work due to the source and destination IP addressing won't change, only the intermediate routing would.

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Re: scenario, Dual Nat for Dual ISP's, No BGP Peering

Hi. It is easy. You can use route-map to match the interface to decide which pool to use. From, it say that 'The dynamic translation command can now specify a route-map to be processed instead of an access-list. A route-map allows the user to match any combination of access-list, next-hop IP address, and output interface to determine which pool to use'.

Note: I am looking job and can not access Router to practice. So If I am wrong, please let me know. Thanks.

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