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sdram dimm configuration on 3660

Hi, is there any method of determining the sdram dimm hardware configuration on a 3660 without opening the actual router ?

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Re: sdram dimm configuration on 3660

check "sh version" and it will tell you how much DRAM you have.


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Re: sdram dimm configuration on 3660

I actually need the physical configuration - how many simms and simm memory size - 2 x 8mb or 1 x 32 etc.

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Re: sdram dimm configuration on 3660

Sorry, no way !

The command "show c2600" exists on 2600 router platforms and shows the memory slots being used. This command on the 3600 platform "show c3600" does not show the same.

If you take a look in this link ( you can see:

"The 32 MB DRAM memory default is available on all new system orders placed after October 26th, 1998 on the following feature sets including: 11.1A, 11.2P, 11.3, 11.3T, 12.0, and 12.0T. There will be no additional charge for this memory increase."

I think this is a only 32 Mb DIMM in slot 0, but I have purchased some 3660 after 1998 and came to me with differents configurations of memory.

But if you have in your "sh ver" 32 Mb, is very possible that you have just one DIMM in slot 0

The only way to ensure is open !

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Re: sdram dimm configuration on 3660

many thanks

Re: sdram dimm configuration on 3660

Hopefully this should work on 3660 also.

Re: sdram dimm configuration on 3660

Sorry, the above link, does not work for a 3660.

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Re: sdram dimm configuration on 3660


Hope this might help you. Can you issue the 'sh pci controller' command and review the following output information. This procedure is not documented but may be it works.

'show pci controller' and parse the output as below to

>find out.


>Note down values of

>'ras10_low', 'ras10_high','ras32_low' and 'ras32_high'


>if ras32_low is higher than ras32_high, 2nd DIMM is empty


>ras10_low=0 and ras10_high=1F --> 64MB DIMM installed in DIMM0

>ras32_low=20 and ras32_high=3F --> 64MB DIMM installed in DIMM1


>ras10_low=0 and ras10_high=3F -->128MB DIMM installed in DIMM0

>ras32_low=40 and ras32_high=7F -->128MB DIMM installed in DIMM1


>and so on.


>Here's a log on my router which has 64MB installed in DRAM SIMM slot0. Only one slot is filled up with 64 KB Dram and other is empty.

BLR#sh pci cont

BLR#sh pci controller

GT64120 Channel 1 DMA (Packet coalescing DMA channel):

dma_list=0x619AC0A8, dma_ring=0x3B97560, dma_entries=256

dma_free=0x619ACECC, dma_reqt=0x619ACECC, dma_done=0x619ACECC

thread=0x619ACEB8, thread_end=0x619ACEB8

backup_thread=0x0, backup_thread_end=0x619AC1D4

dma_working=0, dma_stalls=0, dma_stall_loop=0

dma_complete=630059952, post_coalesce_frames=630059957

exhausted_dma_entries=0, post_dma_callback=628771875

GT64120 Rev level : 3

GT64120 Register Dump : Registers at 0xB4000000

CPU Interface :

cpu_interface_conf : 0x00400100 (b/s 0x00014000)

multi_gt : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

Processor Address Space :

ras10_low : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ras10_high : 0x1F000000 (b/s 0x0000001F)

The router has 64 MB DIMM installed in DIMM0

ras32_low : 0x7F780000 (b/s 0x0000787F)

ras32_high : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

The router has 2nd DIMM1 as empty slot

cs20_low : 0x80010000 (b/s 0x00000180)

cs20_high : 0x07000000 (b/s 0x00000007)

cs3_boot_low : 0xF0000000 (b/s 0x000000F0)

cs3_boot_high : 0x7F000000 (b/s 0x0000007F)

pci_io_low : 0x00080000 (b/s 0x00000800)

pci_io_high : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci_mem_low : 0x00020000 (b/s 0x00000200)

pci_mem_high : 0x57000000 (b/s 0x00000057)

pci_mem1_low : 0x01000000 (b/s 0x00000001)

pci_mem1_high : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci1_io_low : 0x01080000 (b/s 0x00000801)

pci1_io_high : 0x01000000 (b/s 0x00000001)

pci1_mem0_low : 0x68020000 (b/s 0x00000268)

pci1_mem0_high : 0x7F000000 (b/s 0x0000007F)

pci1_mem1_low : 0x01000000 (b/s 0x00000001)

pci1_mem1_high : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

internal_spc_decode : 0xA0000000 (b/s 0x000000A0)

bus_err_low : 0x00000031 (b/s 0x31000000)

bus_err_high : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci0_sync_barrier : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci1_sync_barrier : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ras10_addr_remap : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ras32_addr_remap : 0x7F000000 (b/s 0x0000007F)

cs20_remap : 0x80010000 (b/s 0x00000180)

cs3_boot_remap : 0xF0000000 (b/s 0x000000F0)

pci0_io_remap : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci0_mem0_remap : 0x00020000 (b/s 0x00000200)

pci0_mem1_remap : 0x01000000 (b/s 0x00000001)

pci1_io_remap : 0x01000000 (b/s 0x00000001)

pci1_mem0_remap : 0x68020000 (b/s 0x00000268)

pci1_mem1_remap : 0x01000000 (b/s 0x00000001)

SDRAM/Device Address Space :

ras0_low : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ras0_high : 0x3F000000 (b/s 0x0000003F)

ras1_low : 0xFF000000 (b/s 0x000000FF)

ras1_high : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ras2_low : 0xFF000000 (b/s 0x000000FF)

ras2_high : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ras3_low : 0xFF000000 (b/s 0x000000FF)

ras3_high : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

cs0_low : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

cs0_high : 0x0F000000 (b/s 0x0000000F)

cs1_low : 0xFF000000 (b/s 0x000000FF)

cs1_high : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

cs2_low : 0xC0000000 (b/s 0x000000C0)

cs2_high : 0xC1000000 (b/s 0x000000C1)

cs3_low : 0xE0000000 (b/s 0x000000E0)

cs3_high : 0xEF000000 (b/s 0x000000EF)

boot_cs_low : 0xFC000000 (b/s 0x000000FC)

boot_cs_high : 0xFF000000 (b/s 0x000000FF)

addr_decode_err : 0x70040000 (b/s 0x00000470)

addr_decode : 0x74040000 (b/s 0x00000474)

dram_config : 0x58811000 (b/s 0x00108158)

dram_bank0_param : 0x61881000 (b/s 0x00108861)

dram_bank1_param : 0x61881000 (b/s 0x00108861)

dram_bank2_param : 0x05801000 (b/s 0x00108005)

dram_bank3_param : 0x05801000 (b/s 0x00108005)

dram_oper_mode : 0x00801000 (b/s 0x00108000)

Device Parameters :

device_bank0_param : 0xFAAF6B00 (b/s 0x006BAFFA)

device_bank1_param : 0xFAAF6B00 (b/s 0x006BAFFA)

device_bank2_param : 0x42945500 (b/s 0x00559442)

device_bank3_param : 0x529D5700 (b/s 0x00579D52)

boot_bank_param : 0xFFFF4F14 (b/s 0x144FFFFF)

DMA Channels :

ch0_dma_count : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch1_dma_count : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch2_dma_count : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch3_dma_count : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch0_dma_src : 0x04000000 (b/s 0x00000004)

ch1_dma_src : 0xED78BE03 (b/s 0x03BE78ED)

ch2_dma_src : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch3_dma_src : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch0_dma_dst : 0x00000040 (b/s 0x40000000)

ch1_dma_dst : 0x8133C403 (b/s 0x03C43381)

ch2_dma_dst : 0x00000001 (b/s 0x01000000)

ch3_dma_dst : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch0_next_ptr : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch1_next_ptr : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch2_next_ptr : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch3_next_ptr : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch0_current_ptr : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch1_current_ptr : 0x907DB903 (b/s 0x03B97D90)

ch2_current_ptr : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch3_current_ptr : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch0_ctrl : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch1_ctrl : 0xC01C0000 (b/s 0x00001CC0)

ch2_ctrl : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ch3_ctrl : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

arbiter_ctrl : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

Timer/Counters :

ct0 : 0xAF0C0100 (b/s 0x00010CAF)

ct1 : 0x75F4FF00 (b/s 0x00FFF475)

ct2 : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

ct3 : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

counter_ctrl : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

PCI Internal Registers :

pci_cmd : 0x010F0700 (b/s 0x00070F01)

pci1_cmd : 0x010F0700 (b/s 0x00070F01)

pci_timeout : 0xFFFF0000 (b/s 0x0000FFFF)

pci1_timeout : 0xFFFF0000 (b/s 0x0000FFFF)

pci_ras10_size : 0x00F0FF03 (b/s 0x03FFF000)

pci1_ras10_size : 0x00F0FF03 (b/s 0x03FFF000)

pci_ras32_size : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci1_ras32_size : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci_cs20_size : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci1_cs20_size : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci_cs3_boot_size : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci1_cs3_boot_size : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci0_prefetch_burst_ : 0x23000000 (b/s 0x00000023)

pci1_prefetch_burst_ : 0x23000000 (b/s 0x00000023)

pci0_ras10_remap : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci1_ras10_remap : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci0_ras32_remap : 0x00000004 (b/s 0x04000000)

pci1_ras32_remap : 0x00000004 (b/s 0x04000000)

pci0_cs20_remap : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci1_cs20_remap : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci0_cs3_boot_remap : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci1_cs3_boot_remap : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci0_swapped_ras10_r : 0x000000C0 (b/s 0xC0000000)

pci1_swapped_ras10_r : 0x000000C0 (b/s 0xC0000000)

pci0_swapped_ras32_r : 0x000000C4 (b/s 0xC4000000)

pci1_swapped_ras32_r : 0x000000C4 (b/s 0xC4000000)

pci0_swapped_cs3_boo : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci1_swapped_cs3_boo : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci0_base_addr_regs_ : 0x69000000 (b/s 0x00000069)

Interrupt Control :

pci_int_cause : 0x0100E003 (b/s 0x03E00001)

pci_high_int_cause : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci_cpu_mask : 0xF00F0000 (b/s 0x00000FF0)

pci_high_cpu_mask : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci_pci_mask : 0x0ED01F00 (b/s 0x001FD00E)

pci0_high_pci_mask : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci1_int_cause_mask : 0x0ED01F00 (b/s 0x001FD00E)

pci1_high_int_cause_ : 0x00000000 (b/s 0x00000000)

pci_serr_mask : 0x3F000000 (b/s 0x0000003F)

pci1_serr_mask : 0x3F000000 (b/s 0x0000003F)

pci0_int_select : 0x0000E003 (b/s 0x03E00000)

pci1_int_select : 0x0000E003 (b/s 0x03E00000)

cpu_int_select : 0x0000E003 (b/s 0x03E00000)


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