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Searching for Net Management Tool

Having been looking for a software/hardware tool that would allow a network technician to plug a laptop (with a software based solution), or a probe into a switch at a remote location and be able to "discover" servers/printers, etc. on a port-by-port basis of that particular switch.

Appreciate any help on this matter.

New Member

Re: Searching for Net Management Tool

Many products out there..all depends on budget or what you really need. If you simply need discovering agents and such, I would suggest downloading something like Solar Winds. Offers much information at a very low cost. I have used many others though...what are you looking to find or manage?

Cisco Employee

Re: Searching for Net Management Tool

CiscoWork 2000's User Tracking application does this. It reads the CAM/MAC tables from switches and records the MAC addresses and builds a table. It uses a back-end database to record last seen times for addresses, and even has the ability to obtain usernames from client workstations using an additional script.

It's not really designed to sit on a laptop, though. CW2K is a client/server application. The server could sit in a closet, and the technician could access the database from a client laptop.

See for more literature.

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