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Secondary Dial_backup router

My network...

My wide area network is connected through leased line from main office to remote side, as contingency to the connection setup I use the Async serial ports of a router (2500) to dial up whenever the leased line is down whereas to re established a connection to the main office, however due to the limited ports availability within my dial backup router (Cisco 3640) i need to setup another router that will work in a situation where the existing Cisco 3640 could no longer accommodate the volume of my downed remote users (more than 16 dial back up lines in my case)...

The problem...

The problem is the remote users that use the 2500 routers could not accomodate secondary dialer map ip in its async interface it only accept one (1), I want the router to dial another numbers setup to the secondary backup just in case the first dial backup router failed to provide its services.

I dont know if there is a solution to this problem or if there's another work around that could help me to resolve my problem...

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Re: Secondary Dial_backup router

You could do it at layer 3. Put a second route in with higher admin distance, have the link come up when it sees interesting traffic (IE, it gets used).

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