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Seconday Address on MSFC- Immeduiate Help Needed

Dear All

I have got a very strange issue as follows. WOuld appreciate your help in this regard.

We are running an IP Telephony (AVAYA ) environment Avaya Ip phones,l with dot1q trunking. We have got 2 6506's (PFC2/MSFC2) located at 2 floors with HSRP running in between.

Following are the MSFC configuratin,

My issues are that Ip phone never been assigned with an ip address on secondary range - i.e,, insted Phone displays "Undefined Error" on every such incidents. Even we tried the same by assigning static entries on the phone -on the secondary pool - still it didnt worked? Why it is not working :

Does this a know issues ? Is there any quick docs related to this ?

nterface Vlan33

ip address secondary

ip address

ip helper-address

no ip redirects

no ip unreachables

ip policy route-map VOICE-QOS

standby priority 110 preempt

standby ip

standby ip secondary

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Re: Seconday Address on MSFC- Immeduiate Help Needed

When the router forwards a DHCP request, the source address is

the primary address of the interface. The dhcp server uses this

address to figure out what pool the request should be serviced from.

Bottom line, dhcp clients can't be part of a subnet that is a secondary


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