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securtiy port on Cat 500

The Enterprise 500 switch seems to automatically set MAC port violation feature, and it does not appear possible to disable this via the web interface.

I?m using a laptop that has a MAC address associated with its WiFi interface, which is presented via the Wireless Access Point, When the laptop roams from one Access Point to the next one, the MAC address now appears on the new LAN switch port via the connected second Access Point and due to a securtiy port feature the port port is blocked. is there any way to disable the security port set on the switch?


Re: securtiy port on Cat 500

I am not aware that this platform supports port-security at all.

Are you sure that the message says that it's a port security violation and not a mac-address flap? Are the ports connecting to the Wireless Access points configured as Smaptport Access points?

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Re: securtiy port on Cat 500

I'm using the Cisco Network Assistant 4.0, and when I?m not able to untick the security port box is there any mode that set the privilege to allow users changing the setting? when the wireless device roam from an AP to another the port connected to the 2nd AP is blocked due to this security port blocking feature.

Yes, the AP are connected to port configured as smartport AP.

I'm going to test different smart port roles to see if this fixes the problem.

Many thanks

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