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Segmenting a Catalyst 3500 XL Switch

Hi all,

Up until now we have used Cisco routers and 3Com hubs and switches. Now we've switched to cisco switches and hubs and I'm lost.

I need to "segment" (3com terminology) the 3500 so that I can have two distinct ranges of IP addresses crossing it. Setup is such that the router (a 1750) has two ethernet ports addressed 172.21.x.x and 172.22.x.x. I need to assign certain ports to use the 22 and teh rest the 21 range.

I've looked at the documentation but can't fathom out what I'm supposed to do on the 3500 - any pointers gratefully taken.


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Re: Segmenting a Catalyst 3500 XL Switch

You have to first have to configure VTP and then you set up interfaces for VLANS and assign ports to the vlan interfaces. Take some time in reading the VTP information for future use. You can set it up and various modes and can affect you on down the line. Here's a pretty good link:

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Re: Segmenting a Catalyst 3500 XL Switch

Thank you for the link and response.

I had been looking that info earlier but got a tad confused and gave up :)

Will go have another look.


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