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serial interfaces

Hello, I have been trying to find info on serial ints for cisco routers. what I need to know is will the standard serial interface accept more than 115. when connected through a csu/dsu to a t1 point to point. the documents I have found say that "asynchronous serial connections of up to 115. and synchronous serial connections --- such as frame relay, leased lines,switched 56, smds, and x.25 --- of up to 2.048 mbps. will the cisco router treat the t1 point to point as a leased line? curently useing micom routers and they will do 256 on frame relay but will only do 64k with the t1 point to point. can any one help me

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Re: serial interfaces

You need to pick between the sync/async which have speed limitations, and the plain synch ones which will handle higher speeds.

As far as the speed limitations you are encountering, a T-1 by definition is 1.544 or 64k*24. your 64k ckt is a ds0 clear channel.

the synch interface will handle either frame or point to point.

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Re: serial interfaces

Asynch will only go to 1115200, but the signalling type is completely different btween X21 synch and Asynch. For Frame, X21 leased lines and megastreams you need an interface which supports Synchronous signalling as well as Asynch

Standard WIC-1T for a single port.

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