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Serial Number Collection

Any TOOL UP there that Can get me a whole inventory :

IP Address

Part Number

Serial Number

Modules part no. and serial

Submodule part no. and serial

For :

Cisco Switches

Cisco Routers

Cisco IP phones

Any Kind of device connected to the network

--- Will be helpful if it can gather information about other vendor eqipments in the network like 3com,HP nortel........etc as

As we need to make a report to replace all the EOS and ALL the EOL Equipment and it is very painful to do this manually show version,show diag ,show modules show inventory..........etc

We have SNMP configured in all devices:


I tried CiscoWorks and CNC

ISomeone tell me about SolarWinds Engineers Edition is it correct that I can do it use this tool I search the internet but with no result

I appreciate your respondt hanks and best regards


Re: Serial Number Collection


This could be very Helpful to find such tool.

Even I was browsing over the site to Get such one.

Please refer to the LInk is Cisco

This might be of some use to you.

Cisco Employee

Re: Serial Number Collection


I am not sure if you are using the correct MIB. There is one MIB that collects the information you are looking for:

Also, you could use CNA (it supports most of the older hardware) and identify the device types in the entire network.

Hope this helps.



Cisco Employee

Re: Serial Number Collection

Cisco Resource Manager Essentials is an excellent tool for inventory collection:

Solarwinds has several products as well, I recommend searching their web site.  Alterpoint is another company that makes a popular product.

Be aware that serial number collection is not always straightforward on Cisco products.  The capability varies from product to product, for a series of historical reasons. The more mature inventory management products can work through the quirks and inconsistencies, so choose your tool carefully.

An article on serial number collection can be found at

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