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Server access across Vlans


I am configuring a vlan, which will hold all of our apple/MAC users, but I am running into a problem. Once the MACs are on a separate vlan they can no longer see the servers to which they had access to before. They are able to ping the servers fine, but from the chooser menu the servers are not displayed. The ideal will be to have all the servers being displayed when they open chooser. Do you know what I need to configure on the switch to allow the MACs to list/access servers from a different Vlan? I am using a 4507R for the distribution switch with the 3500 series switches and 3900 3Com switches. I am using the 802.1q for the vtp protocol.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Server access across Vlans

You need to configure Appletalk routing on the Supervisor.

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Re: Server access across Vlans

Beside the "appletalk routing" global command, do I need to configure each vlan interface with an appletalk ip address, cable-range, and zone? If so, are there additional configuration necessary?



Re: Server access across Vlans

Yes, you need to configure each VLAN interface with an appletalk cable-range and appletalk zone. I'm not sure what an appletalk ip address is.


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Re: Server access across Vlans

Sorry for the typo, I meant to say an Appletalk address instead of appletalk ip address. I did configured each Vlan interface with the appropriate settings, and I am now able to see each appletalk zone for each vlan from chooser. However, I am still unable to mount a MAC share from the W2k and W2k3 servers even when the servers are part of the MAC vlan. Also, I made an appletalk Zone for Vlan1 (default), but it will not show up in chooser for some reason. Do I need to have additional configuration?

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