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server farm design- best practice

hi all !

I would be very thankful for help.

As i have read from server design must include access , agregation points and core points

I can t understand configuration of core switches which have full mesh topology with aggregation switches

Is it neccessary change routing metric in my case Eigrp for links between core and aggregation L3 swithces and what criteries for this changes?

Any comment will be very appreciate!

Thx very much

New Member

Re: server farm design- best practice

no design _must_ include anything..

the access - distribution - core topology is one that scales very well and therefore is often suggested. However, to make an example we have Dreamhack (LAN-party with 5000 attendants) which this year goes from a access-distribution-core network to a access-core network. It is based around two Extreme Networks black diamonds.

Enough with that.

Most oftenly you don't have full mesh between core and distribution unless you only have 2 core routers or at least quite few. If you have say 10 core router, you most oftenly just connect you distribution switch/router to two of the core routers for redundancy.

Why should you change any metric!?!

I'd say it's better to have equal metrics so that you can load balance.

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