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Server NIC's Causing Headaches

We are experiencing mixed results with Compaq servers running the 3131 dual-port NIC. It appears that the Compaq drivers are part of the problem, as replacing them with Intel drivers seems to solve the problems. However, this takes away the Insight Manager features that our server team requires. The symptoms are the same as a duplex-mismatch, even when the card and switch are both running 100/full. Data rates hover around 1Mbps, and we see runts, fcs, and alignment errors on the switches. We're doing a lot of testing to find the solution. Has anybody else seen anything like this? One more note, we didn't see any problems until most of the servers got many updates recently, including the nic drivers, insight manager agents, and NT service packs.

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Re: Server NIC's Causing Headaches

This might sound very stupid but it worked for us

why? I DOn't know :)

Tagged the interface on both the switch and the card

its wierd I know, but It worked for us.

Also try this team them if they are on the same network. and run them active active

good luck

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Re: Server NIC's Causing Headaches

Can you explain "tagged"?

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Re: Server NIC's Causing Headaches

tag port = 802.1q

on switch = tag e 1/2

on the vlan

on computer interface

configure adapter - tag 802.1q

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