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setting async mode interactive doesn`t work with AS2509 ?

when users with there IP address pre-configured on thier remote PCs, dial into my AS2509, with the following commands configured on the async interface:

[async mode interactive]

[async dynamic address]

the server refuse to the PPP connection initiation.

mean while it is now configured on the AS2509 async interface: [async mode dedicated], with there ip address obtained from a local pool .(with the dialup connection properties on the remote pc configured to: server assigns ip address ) and this cenario is working fine.

how do i configure the AS2509 to detect if the user is already have his IP address to login, and in the same time if he was not having an ip address, to let the AS2509 assign him an IP address ?


Re: setting async mode interactive doesn`t work with AS2509 ?

With "async mode interactive" and

"autoselect ppp", "autoselect during-

login" configured under the lines, if

the remote PPP peers dials in and starts

sending PPP packets we should detect

this and start the PPP process on that


As for the IP address, if the remote

requests an address of we should

always retrieve an address from the pool.

If the remote requests a specific address

(that is not in the pool already), then

you may have to configure DDR (a dialer

map with that remote name and the static

IP address that the remote has) to get

this to work. Depending on whether you

have AAA enabled (for authentication and

authorization), if you continue to have

problems you should review the output of

the following debug during a call:

debug ppp negotiate

debug aaa authenticate

debug aaa authorize

debug ip peer

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