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Setting for Cisco 4000


Does anyone has experience in configuring cisco 4000 switch as Layer 2 connected with 3rd party switch using GigaEthernet uplink?

Any advice is greatly appreciated ?

Cisco Employee

Re: Setting for Cisco 4000

You should be able to connect the CAT400x switch to any third party switch just as a regular VLAN port or a dot1q trunk(if you have multiple vlans). If you have already tried it, are you seeing any issues?

Community Member

Re: Setting for Cisco 4000

I have tried to conenct the Cisco 4006 switch and has a lot of FCS error and RX error on the GigaEthernet. What are the setting need to disabled for Cisco 4006 ?

Please advise.

Cisco Employee

Re: Setting for Cisco 4000

You should not get any FCS errors or RX errors. Try a different port and check the cable.

there is some good troubleshooting

Community Member

Re: Setting for Cisco 4000

Thank for your reply.

I have changed the fibre cable. To isolate the problem, I have changed interconenction to UTP. There is no FCS and RX error but I have issue on ARP.

Currently, I have problem in ping from L3 switch to Cisco 4006 on the GigEthernet cisco 7206 router.At the PC end, I can ping the cisco router 7206

From L3 switch, I can see the ARP entry for the cisco router.

Any setting needed to enabled on the mac aging timer ?

Please advise. The L3 TTL switch is set at 360min ?

Thanks & Best Regard

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