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Setting Mac address problem on trunk port

Hi All,

I have 6xxx switches are connected back-to-back across a trunk link with 2 sets of ports channeled together to form the trunk.

To solve one of my problems, I needs to make a permanent CAM entry on one of the switches that associates a MAC address with the trunk.

Since it's a channel, we're not sure which mod/ports to use as parameters to

the "set cam perm" command. Supervisor port 1/1, 1/2 or both?

When you do a "set cam perm" on a trunk, documentation says you have to

include a VLAN number. The trunk is part of the management VLAN. Is that the

VLAN it wants? Or does it want the VLAN that the destination is on?

(Hopefully that VLAN is already associated with the trunk.)



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Re: Setting Mac address problem on trunk port

Your posting was quite confusing for me so I'll try my best. What you want to do is set a permanent MAC entry in the CAM table that will point to the trunk ports (interconnecting the switches right?). According to the CLI, you should be able to press enter right at:

Redfern_4006_S1> (enable) set cam per 00-00-fa-bc-dc-cc 1/1 ?

VLAN number

That is you have the option of specifying the VLAN but you don't have to.

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Re: Setting Mac address problem on trunk port


Actually My source and destination vlan machiens are in different vlans and that too on different switches so I dont know when I give the set cam per 00-00-fa-bc-dc-cc 1/1 which vlan it will bind too or it will map to the Default Vlan that is management vlan .if need to specify hwich vlan then which should i give source or destination vlan and what port to bind for since its a channel.

Please do help me in this regard

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