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Setting preferred route in EIGRP ?!?!

I have remote sites with a VPN connection as a primary path and a frame-realy link for backup. The problem is that the Frame-Relay link is not seen as a FS to the VPN Tunnel. I have looked at the following URL:

But, i am not able to get the Frame to be a FS i can make it the preferred path by using an offset-list. Does anyone have a good idea for this?


Re: Setting preferred route in EIGRP ?!?!

Have you established EIGRP neighbor relationship over the VPN tunnel as well as over the Frame-relay link ?

For running EIGRP on a VPN tunnel, you need to first create a GRE tunnel, apply the VPN crypto map on the tunnel interface, and also assign a network address to the tunnel interface and run EIGRP on the tunnel interface. Once neighbor relationship is formed, networks are exchanged over the link.

Once neighbor relationship is formed over both the links, you have the option of playing with EIGRP metrics to prefer one route over the other.

Check this link to setup EIGRP over VPN.

Just ignore the IPX configurations.

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Re: Setting preferred route in EIGRP ?!?!

Yes, i already have the GRE tunnels and EIGRP neighbor's established. I guess my larger question is what determines the FS of a route?

I thought that the FS was determined if the AD of the backup link was less than the FD of the primary route. But it does not seem to want to work that way.

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