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Sh users command

After setting up a VPN, I run the cmd sh users I get 3 connections, one of which is mine, the other 2 I am unsure about, they are in the 172 range, the company we did this for would be non-tech they would not be telneting to the router, what are these connections(no users are connected to the vpn itself at the time)

Line User Host(s) Idle Location

194 vty 0 VPN idle 18:42:52

195 vty 1 VPN idle 17:56:41

*196 vty 2 VPN idle 00:00:00 X.X.X.X(MY IP)

Interface User Mode Idle Peer Address

Vi1 PPPoE 00:00:00 X.X.X.X

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Re: Sh users command

Just making a guess here ... but someone telnet into the device but didn't log out properly. Did you notice the idle time?

In my book, if idle time exceeds 15 minutes, I'd kick the users out with the command "clear line 194" and "clear line 195".

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