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Share network traffic between 2 parallel wireless bridges - What kit?

Dear All,

I'm a technology professional, but mainly in electronic design rather than high end networking. Hence my request for your advice.

I wish to specify some items of kit that I can ask a networking professional to fit and configure to solve my particular application.

I would like to use (and already have in place) two parallel wireless bridges between 2 buildings. One is on 2.4GHz and the other is on 5GHz. In my simple testing so far (of each link in turn), they both work brilliantly. So far, these are in place just for test purposes, but soon I will be required to make the system "live".

The reason I'm doing this is to split network traffic over both links (to possibly get enhanced bandwidth) but to mainly build in redundancy should one link fail.

What kit is required to do this (apart from the 4 access points configured as bridges)?

I imagine I may need a load balancing device(s) or possibly something more suitable for this task.

I'd like the solution to be very transparent to the rest of the system, I'd like it to "look" like it's a simple wireless bridge (but really it's a highly robust dual bridge). I hope my waffle makes sense.

Any thoughts?

Best regards,


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