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Silent monitoring question


I have a question about possibility to organize some sort of passive monitoring of E1 channel.

UTP5/SS7(E1) -----> ??? (Cisco ITP 2851) -----> Linux server

There is one UTP5/SS7(E1) from one side and server from another side. Between them I can place some SS7 board, Mediant 2000 or Cisco ITP 2851. Main task is to pass all traffic from partners E1 to my server in suitable format for further packet parsing. In case of SS7 board I can get raw packets on my side, so I had to write some sort of packet parser. In case of Mediant 2000 I can get SIGTRAN and it can be parsed without difficulties, but such feature is not officially supported, but still presents in old Mediant firmware. In case of CIsco ITP 2851 I have no idea how something similar can be achieved.

As I can see, I have at least two problems:

1. E1 is just a one-way data flow.

2. There must be no responses to other side thru this E1.

Maybe someone can point me how such scenario could be achieved with CIsco ITP 2851?

Or maybe there is some more suitable hardware from CIsco for such type of task?



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Re: Silent monitoring question

You cannot do SS7  with only a router. it also need a media contoller, and it becomes quite complex.

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